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.We Do Not Die, We Are Alive.

Calling to You Like A Telephone Ringing...

:: .Cauldron.Talk. ::
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Hail And Welcome, Sisters and Brothers!

This Community is A Place for Witches of all Ages, and All degrees to come together, shedding the veil That is reality, And enjoy The company of Fellow pagans.
Even if you are not of A pagan religion, But are Intrested In pagan Myths, activitys, and Ways of life, you are just as welcomed.
cauldron_talk Is a good place to meet other pagans, Ask for advice, give advice, Post pictures of anything you wish, post Pagan-based poetry or lyrics [weither your own, or a peice that you found and would like to share], show off your new Pagan-clothing and accessories, Post Icons you made, And share Recipes.
Quite Frankly, This is A Place of Few rules, but those that We do have, We strictly ask you to obey.

One.Do Not join this community just to insult the religion, or the people apart of it. Trying to save us isn't going to work, you will be banned.
Two.There Are Two kinds of beginning Witches In this world, Only one of them Does this Community Accept, And those are the Intrested and patient Beginniners, the ones who want to learn the ways of Witchcraft from the beggining. And then there's the Flick-of-the-wrist "witches" who use Wiccan terms, and call themselfs wiccan, (or even sometimes "Wiccas") For the hell of it, or they read it somewhere on a "how-to-be-gothic" website....If you prance around this community, Trying to belittle Real witches, and Pose as a High and Mighty witch, We will ban you, because they're is nothing that pisses us off more.
Three. If you post multiple Pictures or Poems, Please put them behind a LJ-Cut.

Blessed Be

your Head-Witch is...


.Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions Are Always Welcome.

New Comers!
Don't forget to tell us alittle about yourself...To get things started, Fill out the following questions.

Magick Name::
How Many Years Have you been Practicing?::
Three Favorite colors::
Tell Us Ten Random facts about yourself::